The main bulk of my work is piano tuning and the general care and maintenance of your piano.

I carry out piano tunings and any other technical work required on your piano including

Repair Broken Piano Notes, General Service of the Piano, Piano Voicing/Toning, Replace Broken Piano Strings, Replace Loose Piano Tuning Pins, Replace Broken Piano Hammer Shanks, Repair Sticky Piano Keys, Advice on Humidity and Piano Environment, Piano inspections Before Purchasing, Re-Centering Piano Action, Re-Bushing Piano Keys, Piano Pitch Raise, PIano Pedal Repairs, Partial/Full Piano Regulation, Grand piano cleaning.

Please call to enquire if there is anything you need that is not listed here. I am sure I can help.


I am a Yamaha specialist and am one of the few people in London who is trained by Yamaha to work on Yamaha silent pianos and Transacoustics. I have been trained at Yamaha headquarters in Milton Keynes by the Technical head of the UK. I have all the technical manuals and I also continue to have a good relationship with Yamaha UK. I also carry out a lot of work for the Yamaha Music London store at Wardour Street.