"Paul is an expert whose love for pianos and music means that he does not simply tune a piano; he leaves it a joy to play - a human touch over and above tuning technology. He is punctual and pleasant. I live on my own and am entirely comfortable to welcome him into my home. I recommend him to all piano owners without reservation."

Mrs E. M. SW16


We were given a Knight piano by my Mother in law. I called a local piano man who said the piano was full of moths and moth damage and quoted me £450 for repair to the moth damage and a moth treatment for the piano. I found Paul's website online and called him for a second opinion. He asked me several questions on the phone and we finally decided to have him over to tune the piano and to have a look at what work the piano might need. As it turns out the piano was in great condition. Paul said that there was never any moth damage to my piano and that it didn't need any extra work - just the standard tuning. My wife and I know nothing about pianos, it's for our young son who has just started to play. I was so glad I found Paul. I think he is a honest person who was fair and knowledgeable. We have used him a few times now and are very pleased.

Mr W.D Ealing


"I bought an old piano for £100 from a local charity shop. After calling a couple of tuners I settled on calling Paul. I had put the piano in my garage and Paul said that it would be too humid and that the piano might seize up. It did seize up and I had to call Paul back to do some repairs. He came a couple of times and repaired the piano at a reasonable cost. Eventually the piano was ruined by being kept in the garage as Paul had said it would so I bought another one which is now in the house and has already given me a years trouble free service. I appreciated Paul's expertise and honesty in politely telling me what I didn't want to hear about how I was keeping my piano. I found him to be really an expert, good at his job and pleasant to deal with.

Dave from Chingford


We bought a new piano and was very happy with it. At one point we had a flood in the room where we keep the piano and after some time several notes started to stick at the top of the piano. My daughter was complaining and we finally got someone around to tune and repair the piano. After tuning he said that he would have to take part of the piano away for repair at the cost of £450. We didn't go ahead with it at that time and left the piano with the sticky keys at the top. After some time we wanted to get the piano tuned and repaired and we got a recommendation from a friend to call Paul. He came and fixed the sticky keys. He didn't charge us for this as he included in the price of the tuning. It took him 10 minutes to repair the sticking keys and the piano is perfect now.

Mrs Demitrious. Palmers Green.


"We bought an old piano from a dealer and after much hassle we managed to get him over to give it it's first tuning. The piano didn't sound like it was correctly in tune. We managed to find Paul through a recommendation and he came and tuned the piano for us. He was punctual and professional. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Also the piano sounded great and has held it's tuning really well!"

Mrs Duncan W13


"Paul seems to know everything there is to know about pianos. He has been tuning our piano for years now and is a wealth of knowledge and advice. The piano always sounds really good after he has tuned it. we recommend him to everyone we know who needs a tuning or any help with anything to do with pianos"

Mrs Miller SE23


"Paul has been tuning our piano now for over 15 years. He's always friendly and helpful and does a great job. We wouldn't think of using anyone else"

Mr S. R. SE15